The Bloch Ballerinas conquer all!

Ballet shoes designed for the professionals in the industry, but not only... now the celebrities and their children.  They have a long tradition dating back to 1932. We are talking about the dancing shoes of Bloch, born from the creativity of Jacob Bloch, shoemaker who emigrated from Eastern Europe in Autralia, passionate about ballet, who had the idea to develop ballet slippers that were practical and comfortable. His shoes immediately conquered the dancers of the most prestigious companies such as Sarah Lamb at the Royal Ballet in London, Polina Semionova the Staatsballet Berlin, Irina Dvorenvenko American Ballet Theatre and Agnes Letestu Paris Opera.

Think for women who love comfort but do not want to give up being fashionable, the Bloch ballet flats have rich colors and have an internal structure designed precisely to ensure comfort. We can say goodbye to sore heels or back to pieces.

Have already been seen at the feet of Gwyneth Paltrow, Ashlee Simpson, but also many moms VIP buy them both for them and for their daughters fashionistas!  Among them Salma Hayek and little Valentina, Angelina Jolie and the adorable Vivienne, and of course Katie Holmes who has thus increased the amazing shoe collection of her daughter Suri!

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